Precision Machining

Lakeshore Fittings is the preferred provider for customers that expect quality, delivery, and competitive prices. We have over 40 primary production machines available to produce your fittings. Click on the links below for more information.

Multiple-Spindle Screw Machines
Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machines
CNC Machines

Specializing in:

  • Custom machined brass and aluminum fittings
  • Brass and aluminum hose barb fittings
  • Brass and aluminum push-on hose barb fittings
  • Brass welding hose fittings
  • Brass and aluminum garden hose fittings
  • Brass and aluminum lawn and garden products
  • Brass and aluminum pipe to garden hose adapters
  • Brass and aluminum garden hose to garden hose adapters
  • Servicing the lawn and garden, plumbing, gas distribution, hydraulic, petroleum distribution and automotive industries.